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    Sort favorites in Tableau Server

    Alejandro Olmo




      In tableau 9.0, is that favorites are changing very same spot order, I would like to define an order in the Favorites screen, otherwise it becomes very complicated. Any ideas?



      Attached is a picture paragraph in Tableau Server with this case favorites.



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          Michael Perillo


          You may want to post this to the Tableau Ideas section.  Some options might be allowing a user to define their sort favorites by:

          • sort A-Z (asc/desc)
          • sort manually
          • sort by most used
          • sort by most recent


          Tableau Server > Favorites


          Aside from this functionality being built-in to Tableau Server, you could query the Tableau postgreSQL with a user filter to display a users' favorites.  You could perform additional functionality for the sort (except for manual) as mentioned above with additional querying.


          Not sure if the REST API will allow you to query and expose users' favorites, but worth exploring.