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    Questions about Pareto Analysis

    Cale Zhu

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to understand Pareto analysis.


      For example, I want to know How is the sales distributed among the different products?


      Then I added running total and percent of total table calculation on products.


      My questions :


      The percentage is different whether I sort the sales based on products or not. So i don't think this analysis is useful. Please let me know what you think about.



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          Ken Patton

          For there to be a Pareto, the dimension (e.g. Products) must be sorted. After all, the whole point of a pareto is to understand how the top i% of one dimension comprises the top j% of some measure.  So when we say "the top 20% selling products are 80% of all sales" then of course the Products have to be sorted descending by Sales in order to determine the "top."


          So yes, having the Products not sorted would produce a different and unhelpful result. That does nothing to invalidate pareto analysis.