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    Undelete a Task?

    Toby Erkson

      Tableau Server v8.3.2

      Operation:  Select all Tasks in a given Site and delete them.

      Result:  All Tasks are deleted from EVERY SITE!  I did not know that and didn't find anything in the documentation

      Question:  How do I undelete (get all the Tasks back)?  Let's exclude the obvious and that is reverting to a saved backup.

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          Matt Gizbert

          Hi Toby,


          I'm afraid I might not have great news.


          If you're a system admin and you go to Tasks (regardless of what Site you are on) you will see all Tasks for all sites. There is a column on the far right that denotes the Site the task is for (Default/Site 1/etc).


          These tasks are stored in the underlying pgsql database and if they've been deleted the only way to get them back is by restoring a backup .


          You may be able to crack open your backup and pull the Tasks from the database and insert them into your live database, but I would probably need to test that in a non-prod environment to be sure .



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            Toby Erkson

            Reply from Support:

            There are two options for restoring the scheduled tasks that were deleted:


            +  Restore from the most recent backup of Tableau Server using the --no-config option. This will restore data (including scheduled tasks) but not configuration settings. This will delete any changes to workbooks, projects, users, etc. that were made since the last backup of Tableau Server, so please be sure all users have saved local copies of their workbooks since April first (the date of the most recent backup). I am including a link to our Tableau Server Product Help guide's entry on restoring from backup. Be sure to use the --no-config option (the second option listed under step 2):


            Restore from a Backup





            +  Install Tableau Server on a different machine, restore from the most recent backup copy, and then use the list of scheduled tasks as a reference to manually recreate all scheduled tasks on your production server.


            I went with the restore option and am back up.  Licensed users were notified before and after.  I backed up the Server and downloaded all workbooks just in case.  I have a nightly backup scheduled now since it can run w/o stopping the Server and it runs more quickly than when making a backup that includes saving the log files.