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    Embedded view using Guest account


      HI experts, need your opinion and best practices on this. As we know the embedding a tableau view on HTML/SharePoint page can leverage the Guest account so that we don't need to always explicity give access on Tableau server, however, this comes tricky when my View is published on Site ABC, and a user who does not have access to ABC Site, but have access to XYZ site will be prompted to login to ABC Site. So the guest account is not truly useful unless either all user are added to that site (which is impossible for a company of 30k employees) or have another independent server only for guest user based view and make sure to not add any user on that. This is very expensive as will require additional server core licences.


      Need your opinions and experiences on this.


      Is there anyway, I could create a site only for Guest user based views and some synch/add all users of all other site on that new site? this way all potential user will be able to access the embedded view.


      Any help please?

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