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    Restart server - extracts not saved

    Luis Enrique

      Hi, I know that if you want to restart the server and have extracts saved, you have to stop it first, and then restart. If you restart first, extracts will not be saved and you could not recover them unless you have a back up. So .. if I have no a recently backup, and for some reason the server restarts automatically, I understand extracts will be deleted and have no option but to use this old backup, right? Thanks!

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          Manoj Ramachandra

          HI Luis - When you say extracts being saved, what do you mean. Any extracts published on the tableau server are always saved. I have done restarts before without doing start-stop but have not faced any issue like losing the extract. But then, its best practice to do stop and then start (This makes clean stop and start of tableau server and also does restart)

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            Luis Enrique

            Hi Manoj,

            thank you for you answer, this is mi situation:


            I have a workbook with an extract and published it on the Server. The extract is saved on the server, everything OK.

            But if I shutdown and restart the Server, when I´m connecting again to this workbook, I realized there was no extract anymore and it was connecting directly to the datasource live.


            Hope you could understood me.



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              Manoj Ramachandra

              This is something different. But why are you doing shutdown of the server and doing restart ? Are you not using tabadmin command to restart the tableau server ?


              Also let me know your answers for these :

              Are you publishing the workbook to server as .twbx file ?

              After you restart the server, download the workbook from the server and open it. See if the data sources contain extracts. You should see tick mark on 'Use Extract' like below picture. (this is also how it should look before you publish to server)


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                Luis Enrique

                Thank you for your answer, Manoj, I understand it much better.


                I would follow best practices. My question was also about.. what happens if.. there is and unexpected server shutdown, but I guess I would have to have in mind backups.


                Thank you again!

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                  Manoj Ramachandra

                  Glad you got it.  Incase of unexpected server crash or shutdown, not always will you lose your extracts but sometimes yes you might. Hence, as you were able to make out, we should keep backups. I have had several unexpected shutdown, fortunately nothing happened to my extracts.