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    Tableau Server 9 - chart renders differently in Firefox vs IE & Desktop

    James Gibbon



      We just upgraded to Tableau Server 9.0 and I've noticed that a chart is rendering differently in Firefox than it does on Tableau Desktop & Internet Explorer.  The chart rendered fine in FF before the upgrade to 9.0.

      display differences.PNG

      The chart has individuals on level of detail, and it appears the display in FF is changing the coloration to show this detail, which we definitely don't want to do.


      I've searched the forum but haven't seen this reported yet. Does anyone know if this is resolvable, or perhaps this is an issue with Firefox like the rendering issue with FF 27?  Re: Mozilla Firefox 27 Upgrade Problems


      I'm using:

      Firefox 37.0.1

      Tableau Server 9.0.0 (9000.15.0318.1720) 64-bit

      Tableau Desktop 9.0.0 (9000.15.0318.1720) 64-bit


      EDIT: My colleague who is using the same versions listed above can't reproduce the error, so I'm even more confused. Could it be a Firefox add-on that's interfering?