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    Use .tde created with Extract API

    Lalitha Pasumarthi

      Hi all.

      I am using Extract API to create my extracts.

      I tried several approaches to publish them.

      1) I published them as data source (not an extract) on the Tableau server, then connected to them to create a workbook and then published workbook without including external files. And when I refresh my .tde I still can not see changes in my workbook.

      2) In tableau desktop I connected to my .tde located in shared folder and published workbook with live connection. Refreshing tde did not bring new data to the workbook as well.

      3) I connected to .tde located in shared folder using tableau desktop, extracted data from .tde  tableau desktop. created an extract from .tde(this step is strange for me, but when I tried publishing it using tabcmd it prompted for database username and password, but was not accepting active credentials). After publishing it to Tableau server I reconnected to it as to data source from tableau server and created a workbook, then published it without including external files. But when I run refresh I see an error "Path doesn't exist. check that file exists and you have sufficient privileges to access it". I got same error when it was located on my tableau server machine drive.

      Tde is located in shared folder from another box. Tableau runs as a user, but we use local authentication.


      I have read lots of blogs, including famous "extract where art you", but it did not help me.

      Please share your experience, ideas how to manage and resolve this.

      step by step instruction would be very valuable.


      Thanks all in advance