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    dynamic end date?

    Mark Fraser

      Hi all


      I'm looking for a best practice solution...

      I want to use the today() function on the right of the range of dates filter, as below


      So my published workbook dynamically show the order date filter as year to date position (from a chosen start date)


      Why don’t I use a fixed starting date in the filter?

      Because I want end users the ability to amend the dates fields if they wish, fixing a starting (or end) date means they can’t do that.

      Id like the above to be the default and then user can amend as they wish

      Relative dates?

      Can’t seem to do a fixed starting date position, only based on number of days, weeks, months, years etc.



      Maybe, but can they link dynamically with the Order Date field?

      This is it, but it’s using number of days, I want to use a fixed date which is amendable to the end user


      The attached includes a workaround.

      Field: Period Start - manually enter the required date to act as a fixed start point


      Field: Display Logic

      IF [Order Date]>=[Period Start] and DATEDIFF('day',today(),[Order Date]) <1 THEN 'TRUE' ELSE NULL END

      Use this field on the filter as true


      The problems with this solution is that its independent of the Order date filter, I want the end users to have the ability to select their own dates as they wish but the default position needs to be YTD.