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    Organization Hierarchy

    Kathleen Gouthro

      I am a Tableau novice and have a question about building a hierarchy.  I am looking to create an organization hierarchy in which a manager/facilitator (similar to manager) can drill down to view the compliance details for the staff of each organization.  For example...


      Parent Org 1  # Required  # Compliant  # Overdue (Totals for child orgs A & B should roll up to parent)


        Child Org A  # Required  # Compliant  # Overdue

           Learner X  Activity  Date Completed

           Learner Y  Activity  Date Completed

           Learner Z   Activity  Date Completed


        Child Org B  # Required  # Compliant  # Overdue 

           Learner Q  Activity  Date Completed

           Learner R  Activity  Date Completed

           Learner S  Activity  Date Completed


      The user accessing the dashboard should only be able to view the orgs to which they have access.


      I have one extract that contains all the learner details (name, activity, organization, date of activity completion), another extract that contains the managers/facilitators and their organization access, and one that contains the parent/child org relationship.  Is it possible to build this hierarchy?