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    Tableau Server 9.0 installation

    Vishruth Reddy

      I am currently using Tableau Server 8.2 on my laptop. I have uninstalled Server 8.2 and when i run the 9.0 setup i get a message that my laptop doesn't meet the minimum requirements. The message shows that i have only 2 cores and the minimum required is 4. But my laptop specs show that i have 4 cores. I have attached the following screenshot showing the installation failure message as well as my laptop specifications.


      Am i missing anything here? I really need to install Tableau Server 9.0. So, do i have to take an upgraded laptop or can i work something out so that i can run Tableau Server 9.0 on the same machine.


      P.S.: I need Tableau Server to be run locally on my machine as a localhost.