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    How do I create a forecast for demand with start and end dates?

    Alexis Beach



      I'm trying to create a projection of our demand using the start and end dates. I have built this in excel using a formula that evenly distributed the demand across the months its running using a formula such as this:  =IF($I7<=R$4,IF($J7>=R$3,$H7/($J7-$I7+1)*(R$5-IF($I7>=R$3,$I7-R$3,0)-IF($J7<R$4,R$4-$J7,0)),0),0)


      Columns I & J were the start date and end date and then i created columns R-AV as the forecasted months (R = April, S = May, etc), R3, R4, R5 contained the month start and end dates and then the count of days within that month (R3 = 4/1/2015, R4 = 4/30/2015, R5 = 30). H is the budget or demand that is then evenly distributed across the months it's set to run.


      My goal is to re-create this type of thing in tableau so that I can just upload a new weekly report and there's nothing I have to do in excel before i connect to tableau.


      Has anyone done this before or have any tips or tricks on how to create these forecasted months? Ive attached an image of what my excel looks like right now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.