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    Custom Tableau URL Subdomain to IP Address

    CJ Dickinson

      Hi All,



      I have found a few articles on this, but nothing specific enough.


      We would like to have our branch managers be able to type tableau.123company.com and be able to log in versus 50.123.456.78:8000. Here is what I have done:

      We have an IP address for our Tableau web viewer (ex 50.123.456.78) and the sub-domain tableau.123Company.com a-record pointing to that IP address.


      The problem is that our DNS service will not allow us to include the port :8000 in the a-record. Which upon further research seems to be normal.


      So my questions is how, or can I, do I get an IP address for the tableau server to that the sub-domain can point to?


      Thank you!