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    FAQ:  Open Data


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      OpenDataSites | Your portal to Open Data sites around the world

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      Data | The World Bank

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      Open Risk Data - Open Risk Manual



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Kettan thanks for keeping these going! You're the best!



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            Could you add this one:


            web data connector market place

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              Done! I have to admit that I am not sure I understand what a market place is in the context of web data connectors. Is it about buying and selling data?

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                Not sure where the nuances lie between "Tableau Open Data Portal" and "web data connector market place". I think the two ideas are 90% overlapping, the main reason I mentioned it is for completeness sake because it was so closely related to the ideas that were already listed in the FAQ.


                But yeah, the one difference for me is that an "Open Data Portal" suggests all data is for free, while a "Data Market Place" suggests that some of the data can be the more specialized for-pay data sources. There is a significant market for that as well, and I think Tableau could be a good gateway for business analysts to discover what is available there (in my experience there is typically a mental hurdle for going that route, so we limit ourselves to public data sources). I wouldn't expect Tableau to include the whole payment / subscription part of such a market into their software and have it work like an app store, all of that should be handled by the data providers themselves, but simply not limiting the portal to free data sources and allowing paid data sources to be listed as well seems like something to consider.


                To give a very specific example: if I would search the hypothetical "Tableau Open Data Portal" for data around exchange rates, I would probably find some free data source with historical exchange rates going back a few years. But if I want a fully detailed 100-year history of exchange rates, or if I want live up-to-the-second data on exchange rates, I need to connect to Reuters and I need a paid data subscription with them.

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                  Thanks. In this context, I assume  web data connector market place  is about making it easy to connect to Reuters, or perhaps even more about being a portal to find market places which Tableau can connect directly to.


                  I found Ability to Connect to Live Market Feeds when searching for Reuters.

                  Interestingly, it is actually marked as released (in 9.0).


                  Ps. This collection about open data was not made because I want Tableau to improve this - I haven't had any need of this yet. This and many other collections are made as a way to reduce number of duplicate questions and lessen searches on known answers and thus make it more enjoyable to be a helper (and questioner and learner) on this forum. This said, I still think close to 100% of all new questions have been asked before and thus duplicate questions!

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                    I think what's marked as released is the ability to connect to these data sources, once you know what source you want to use. What is requested in the "Open Data Portal" idea(s) is a community-driven discovery mechanism, sort of like the difference between the ability to run an app on a phone vs. having an app store.

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                      Thanks. I think I fully understand this now 


                      Ps. This forum also needs an Open Answer Connector Portal, so available answers become easier less difficult to find