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    Tableau server integration with Siteminder Secure Sign on

    Lazy Rambler



      We've been trying to integrate Tableau server with Siteminder Single sign on. I had some questions about trusted authentication, I hope someone can clarify them for me.


      1. Trusted authentication simply means that you have set up a trusted relationship between Tableau Server and one or more web servers


      Here, what does the web server mean ? Is it Siteminder ?


      2. Add Trusted IP addresses or Host Names to Tableau Server


      What does trusted IP address mean ? Are they the IP addresses of the machines via which people login under ?



      3. We are planning to use local authentication(That is what was selected during the initial install)


      So, if we are successful in integrating Tableau Server with Siteminder, how do we manage users?

      Do we add the users via tabadmin commands or in the siteminder?


      I'm a little confused with all the terminologies. Have been reading the tableau server online help, but that isn't helping me much.


      Thank you