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    New Resources for Tableau Server 9.0

      Hey everyone!


      In an effort to make upgrading to Tableau Server 9.0 as easy and seamless as possible, a lot of work has gone in to bolstering the resources we provide for our customers. You may have noticed a new banner and a new button today on the front page of the Server Admin Community:


      tableau server admin.jpg


      We have created a brand new Tableau Server Upgrade page which includes many offerings for assisting with your upgrade, including:


      1. All new videos and articles to assist with the process.

      2. Our complimentary upgrade assistance program.

      3. Our paid Professional Services upgrade program.

      4. And of course our Tableau Server Admin Community!


      Please feel free to check out the new page and give any feedback as we want to make sure the page is as helpful for our users as possible.