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    How do I delete my own post on the Tableau Community?

    Divan du Preez

      I started a thread and then quickly found the answer. However, I was unable to take down my question. Can someone help? Thanks!

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Divan,


          Please add question here.




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            Divan du Preez

            Hi Sankar,


            I am sorry. I already have an answer to the question right after I posted it.


            Thank you VERY much for responding.


            Best regards

            Divan du Preez

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              Toby Erkson


              To help others you could have replied to your own question and supplied the answer, then mark your own question as Answered.  Nothing wrong with that!  You won't get any points for badges but you will quite possibly help others.


              If you want to fully remove your question then just delete it:


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                Divan du Preez

                I am sorry I have no idea how to delete an already answered question. Please disregard this one.


                Thank you

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                  Manoj Ramachandra

                  Toby has shown clearly how to delete a post. There is no question at all, how can you say 'already answered question'.   Please see Toby's screenshot and delete the post(option to edit or delete post will be towards the right hand side of the post). Its funny to see '.' as question and mark it answered in the forum.

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                    Divan du Preez

                    Dear Manoj,


                    WHERE do you see a "Delete" link?


                    I don't think that I am completely incompetent on a computer.


                    I am sorry for all the havoc I have caused. This was not my intention. The exact opposite.


                    Accept my apologiesCapture.PNG.



                    Divan du Preez

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Hey Divan, it's okay, this forum style does take some getting used to if you're familiar with more traditional forum software.


                      First, remove the Answered you placed on Sankar's post.  Second, if the Delete does not appear then click the Edit action and then you should be able to select Delete in the new list of actions   I don't think we'll mind if you delete all our posts as well during the delete confirmation


                      However, I would like to emphasize that next time to please leave your question and simply answer it.  This is what we all do and it does help others.  Here's an example of one I did:  Confusion about Priority for Schedules and Tasks on Tableau Server.  It's been viewed 129 times so far, so that means others have looked at it and, I hope, got something out of it.


                      < edit > I checked some of my own posts and I see that the Delete option isn't there so there may be a time limit...?  Tableau Community can you please tell us the rules around the Delete option for thread authors?

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                        Divan du Preez

                        Dear Toby,


                        I have done exactly as you instructed. I marked Sankar’s answer as “Unanswered” – The result: The delete still did not appear.

                        I went ahead and selected the Edit action – The result was that the “new edit list” you referred to is nowhere to be found. Please see attached.

                        I have no intend to keep any of my post as all of them are the same matter where I found the answer to the question that I had straight after I posted the question.

                        I would like to delete all of them if this is possible. There is only one that is valid and answered. The rest are all the same and not relevant any more.

                        I will be more cautious around this post I make in this community. Sorry for the confusion, frustration that I have caused.

                        Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

                        Best regards

                        Divan du Preez



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                          Tracy Rodgers

                          Hi all,


                          You are only able to delete your own post if no one else has yet replied to it.


                          Though the original answer and question are gone, this has some good information about the community and how it works. If no one objects, I'll edit the original question to ask something related to the Community where all the replies make sense.



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                            Toby Erkson

                            So we can delete our replies within a post and replies that fall specifically under our reply but we can't delete our own threads we start?


                            Could this be changed within Jive to a time limit?  I know some forums do this for editing as well as deleting one's own post.


                            I'm all for making this a learning experience in the Community section.  I learned something from it...so thanks Divan

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                              Interesting. Maybe this thread should be preserved and moved to  Getting Started in the Forums  so whoever stumbles on it can learn more about how Jive "Delete" works !?

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                                Tracy Rodgers

                                Yup - just tested it. I was able to delete my replies and any replies to it (like you demonstrated above), but I was unable to delete the entire post that I started.


                                Our current version of Jive doesn't allow us to do this based on time, but it looks like a potential upgraded version does. I'll look into it a little more.

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                                  Tracy Rodgers

                                  kettan - we're on the same page! Just moved it over