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    Published tde type turns to text when updated via refreshextract

    Ryan Knight



      In our workflow looks like this:


      (1) Create a datasource in Tableau that joins a few csv files


      (2) Design our workbork


      (3) Create an extract from the datasource


      (4) Publish the extract to tableau server


      (5) Replace the datasource with the published version and publish the workbook


      (6) Run the tableau refreshextract utility every day to refresh the published extract.


      When we run refreshextract command, we do so once for each csv file that composed the original datasource. So a datasource originally designed by joining three csv files would be refreshed three times, once with each of the csvs in the originalfile argument.


      When we originally publish the tde file, the data source type on tableau server is tde. However, as soon as we run refreshextract, the data source type changes to "text file."


      My question is:

      • Is the data source type actually changing to text, so we are getting worse performance, or is it just the label that changes?