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    Setting up a table for KPI string based data

    Ryan Hromada



      So I'm very new to tableau and what I am trying to do is to figure out how to structure my data. I have a set of milestone dates on projects across 5 product lines. With those dates we are looking to highlight upcoming dates.


      With the other sheet we have a bunch of KPI's that are either Meet, Does Not Meet or Marginal. Ideally I would like to sum the total of each type and have a bar char that show the color of each and the break down by product line. The problem i'm running into is i have about 30 KPI's with this number data. And when I start putting more then one of the dimensions the chart is no longer presentable.


      Any thoughts or directions you could point a newbie too?





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          Ken Patton

          Do the "PMnnn" Columns represent Project Milestones ?


          If so, do you need to also display all the "N/A" cells?


          At first blush I would think you're better off to have the data sheet in the form of


          Date               Product Line     Project     Milestone

          1/30/2014          1                         A2          PM080

          1/29/2014          1                          A10          PM100



          and so on.


          By making "Milestone" into a single Dimension field, you could colorize and filter by it.


          It's probably working against you to have every PMnnn be its own Column, because then they are all separate fields and there is no unified date axis to work from.


          Tableau supports Gantt charts, so you might try that after reshaping the data.

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            Ryan Hromada



            Thanks for the quick reply. So I took your advice and i'm definitely getting better results with the restructure format. I made some random values you up to view it better. Its a little bland but its definitely an improvement. I also set up the KPI meets, does not meet data and the values im getting to sum the total meets is really high. Any ideas?


            I had the N/A's because some projects don't have those Milestones while others do.