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    Replacing the data source: Original data souce files not available

    p k

      Hello Everyone,


      I am having an issue replacing the data source, I do not  have the original source files, as it was at one of  developers local computer, and currently i have no access to it. All I have is the workbook, and a new excel file with all the data, i need. I just want to redirect / replace the old excel source file the new one.


      Can i create and extract of the workbook sheets(.tde) on a shared folder and then try to replace the .tde's with the new excel source. The workbook is currently published on the production server, and do not want to mess up what we have currently.


      When i tried to replace the source  and publish on to the tableau server I got a message -- asking if i wanted to copy the external file to the tableau server. Not sure i want to do that.