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    Dynamically update titles with quick filters

    Aakash Hongal

      Hello Tableau Community,


      Tableau is a great tool to build complicated visualizations but at the same time Tableau is also notorious to make simple problems very complex and there are sooo many!.


      So, I am trying to achieve dynamically updating titles for the very complex visualization that I have built with so much efforts. there are three issues that I am trying to solve with one single solution and I am not able to do it.


      So, there are two data sources and I am using data blending to  build dashboard. I want to dynamically update titles, yes, parameters help me solve this but here is the twist. So this is a territory wise report and each territory manager needs to view only his territory data. If I use parameters, then the user can choose other territories from the parameter filter. Yes, I know I can use a quick filter or User filter to do it but I am back to problem one of dynamically updating titles.


      Wish there was something like dynamic parameters which would solve this problem.


      So it all boils down to dynamically updating title with quick filters or user filters. So, has any of you have come across a similar problem and found a trick to solve ?




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          Joe Oppelt

          I put dynamic stuff in filters all the time.  Each case can be different though.


          Consider using table calcs (WINDOW_MAX or WINDOW_MIN, for exaple, to get the start/end date or min-max data range for whatever is in the table.)


          If you want to display dimensions, you can usually just insert the measure name into the title (if you have it on a shelf), such as what I did in the attached superstore example.  Select different values from the filter and see what it does.

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            Aakash Hongal

            Thanks for the reply Joe, I was not really aware that this could be done. A new challenge and new learning.

            Thanks a lot for sharing this.


            For anyone else who would stumble on the same problem here is the solution.

            We can add filters to dynamically updating titles by just adding <field name> in the title.