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    ROUND function returns strange results

    Ken Patton

      Hi all,


      I know there are a great many threads and a known bug around the ROUND() calculation function (especially when cast to a String), so I apologize if this is already covered elsewhere. I did search but did not find an exact match.


      I'd like to understand why, in 8.2,  a Calculated Field like


      ROUND( 11 /22)




      ROUND (1 / 2)




      ROUND ( 0,5 , 0 )


      returns  3,815,694 as a result.


      [In 9.0 Beta, it returns 227  .   ]


      Even more baffling to me, a Calculated Field of


      ROUND ( 0.5)   + 1


      returns 7,631,388 .



      Is this some sort of Floating Point error? (I am running Windows, 64-bit versions). Shouldn't ROUND of one half either be a zero or a one? Is this a bug or expected behavior? What workaround(s) exist(s) ?

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