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    Server Extract Fails

    Clark Stevens

      Hello all,


      I have an interesting issue with extracts failing on Tableau Server (v 8.2). I have a large dashboard with about a dozen different data sources. All of the data sources but one are MS SQL Server custom SQL, the other is an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is referenced using UNC path. I published it all up as a .tdsx and set it to refresh daily. However the refreshes fail every time. I can run all of the SQL from SSMS just fine and can refresh all of the extracts through Tableau Desktop locally. The really weird thing is that if I publish the extracts up one by one, and refresh from the Server UI, they all refresh properly.


      The error I get is the infamous "Invalid Database Name" error. Normally I would go through the logs to figure out where the actual point of failure is but in this case I don't have access to the actual box and the DBA is offshore. I realize this isn't a lot to go on but any thoughts or common points of failure I can investigate here?


      Thanks everyone!