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    Two Factor Authentication

    Nilesh Kalgutkar

      Hello Fellow  Admins:


      We have a specific request for users who have admin access which means, the users who have the following roles:



      1) Site admin


      2) System admin




      1) Is it some how possible to setup 2 Factor authentication for users who have the above roles?


      Note: 2 Factor authentication means: The first factor is AD authentication which means AD is setup for authencation. Second factor will have to be something with in Tableau which will restrict the access to the users who has the site admin as well as system admin.


      2) If it is not possible is there any third party or Tableau provided software which can help us achieve the above said setup.


      3) Please also let us know if there is any Tableau provided or Third party software used by any customers who have 2 factor for complete Tableau url usage.




      Nilesh A K