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    Different dates in one filter

    Vladislav Userdniy



      I have two different data sources.


      For example,

      data source 1:

      table 1 Customers


      table 2 Customer activities

      Id/CustomerID/Title/Close Date


      data source 2:

      table 3 Customer sales

      id/CustomerID//Date of sale/Offer


      My view is


      Customers      Sum of Sales   Count of customer activities

      Customer 1           500                                   4

      Customer 2           100                                   1



      I want to create a global data filter «Period» consists of «Close Date» and «Date of sale» from my example. When I will change date in this filter «Sum of Sales» and «Count of customer activities» should be change via new period from data (table 2 and table 3).  


      Really sorry i couldn't post sample wb, because customer data on it.





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          Vladislav Grigorov

          Vlad, the only way I know to go about this is to use two parameters - to define the start and end date of your period, and then do the filtering based on these in a per-connection basis. This is because 1) the filters are not considered part of the view, hence no blending will occur on fields that you filter on, and 2) parameters are global for the workbook. The drawback is that you effectively have static parameters that do not pick up the data available in your database, hence the user may select inappropriate values.


          See the attached mockup based off the standard Tableau datasets for more info.