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    Display the most recent data based on Days.

    Bill W

      Good morning my Tableau friends, I am struggling with an issue here.


      I am trying to display the most recent data in terms of days per a category. Here is what I've tried. I first changed the date field to a string in order to display the Last() row of data, which it works, however, it doesn't give me an accurate Grand Total. In my attachment below the total should be 7,218 not 168,095.


      I was wondering if there is anyway to create a last available day calculation? I used this one in the past to display the last data point of the month for Sales. -  If datediff('month',[Order Date], Today()) = 1 Then [Sales] end - This seems to work well, since the next month will always present itself. However, I cant seem to wrap my mind around how to do it for Days, since the days the data comes in can be on different days, its not continuous (as per the example, a bunch of different days of data). Additionally, using the relative filter doesn't work either, because I need to see the whole year for other data points that are on the sheet. However, for just the sales data, I only need to see the most recent available day.