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    Ever think Tableau will be rewritten in JSON?

    Robert Crocker

      With so much momentum towards JavaScript and browser based applications utilizing AJAX I got to thinking about the future of Tableau. There are many features to be desired in the currently development environment, while there are also a lot of wonderful features already present.


      This discussion is not one of criticism, but rather curiosity.


      I'm curious if anyone has thoughts around Tableau being rewritten in JSON. JSON is optimized for AJAX calls, parsing a JSON object may be more portable(from a knowledge transfer perspective) given the fact that many other API's and I'm sure there are other opportunities I'm not aware of.


      XML is very verbose language, so file size is an immediate win for JSON over XML.


      There are probably draw backs as well, which I would love people to add to this thread.

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          Tamas Foldi

          what if I told you that ajax/js parts already using json in tableau server? I would suggest to check how tableau server communicates with your browser when you open a viz


          what does it mean "tableau rewritten in json"? json is not a programming language, just a markup one. Tableau use json for most of their javascript related communication while XML is more for the programmable API as it is more widely used in enterprise environments.

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            Robert Crocker

            I'm glad you asked the clarifying question, because my initial ask definitely did not make much sense. However, you still manage to provide a very helpful answer


            I guess what I should've ask is do you think Tableau will ever use JSON as they're primary markup language? If not, then why not? What benefit would you anticipate from transitioning to JSON as the primary markup language?

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              Russell Christopher

              I'll put on my "I'm not a Program Manager, but I'll attempt to think like one" hat and take a stab at this. My guess is the answer if very uninteresting:




              Tableau certainly could re-work all the older plumbing code (and who knows, maybe we will someday), but that means time we can't spend adding new features that all our customers get excited about (versus the propellerheads like the three of us on this thread ).


              Most of our customers don't know what JSON even is - so if we Francois announces "We now pass payloads back and forth in JSON!!!!" at the next User Conference, I don't think there would be thunderous applause - except from the guys dressed up like characters from Star Wars carrying lightsabers (are there are some of those).


              I don't find JSON particularly easier to work with from a parsing / creation standpoint...except for the fact that since it is now ubiquitous, there are tons of libraries that help me. I'd prefer to "speak JSON" with Tableau, but it's not a big enough headache where I'd be willing to give any of the cool features we're getting in 9 to have JSON instead of XML.

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                Robert Crocker

                Haha, I had never heard the term propellerhead before, but after looking it up I have to say the glove fits.


                I know there are many great features coming to 9 and many I hope to see added on top of those in releases to come. Many applause to you and the rest of the team.

                I'm sure you won't forget to clean out the older code along the way