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    TDT: Importance of Visual Aesthetics - How to Entertain, Engage, and Empower your audience - April 23, 2015

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      This webinar session was hosted on April 23, 2015

      The presenters for thsis Think Data Thursday included Community contributor, KK Molugu and Zen Masters;   Anya A'Hearn and Kelly Martin.

      Data analysts and data visualization experts start their projects by collecting the data, analyzing it, and finally presenting it to their audience.

      Having a clean and simple visualization engages your audience and empowers them to start the conversation.

      In this TDT, Kelly, KK and Anya shared three topics related to Visual Aesthetics and took questions from the attendees.  Each member of our panel provided their insights for each of the following topics. 

      1) Design Methodology - how we go about our viz design process

      2) Design Guidelines - using examples of past visualizations that we have made, discuss what we did and why, and how we might improve upon it.

      3) Design tips and tricks - practical, hands on takeaways to aid in design

      You can watch this TDT by clicking here or going to the The specified item was not found..


      More about our presenters:

      Anya A'Hearn:

      Anya has been working for over 20 years in analytics, business intelligence and data visualization. Her client projects have focused on analysis for financial services, mobile and web applications, social media monitoring, airlines, and customer segmentation and targeting. Blending her background in economics and product design, she enjoys using Tableau to blur the lines between data visualization, infographics, and art. She has been a Tableau user for the last 6 years and was the 2012 Iron Viz Champion, and is a 2014 Tableau Zen Master. You can read more about Anya and see examples of her work at http://www.datablick.com.

      KK Molugu:

      Accomplished data analytics, business intelligence, marketing analytics, and IT manager combining 19+ years of both senior-level and hands-on Business Intelligence, IT and software development, project and business management experience to synchronize the promise of technology with the pragmatic objectives of business. As a solution provider, KK Molugu has been constantly finding ways to solve business problems and empower business users through easy to use tools and technologies. With the data available, KK Molugu found ways to bring insights to the business users and evangelizing data driven methodology and Tableau has been helping in the journey to close the gaps.

      KK Molugu has been very active with Tableau and has been a great part of helping Tableau community forum, and co-chairs Chicago Tableau User Group. KK Molugu loves to create Data Art using Tableau and won Viz As Art Contest for TCC 14!

      In his spare time and weather permitting, KK Molugu likes to run and finished two Naperville Half Marathons and did a Ragnar Relay from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL. He also loves outdoor photography. Check out KK Molugu's blog at got-data.blogspot.com.

      Kelly Martin:

      Data analyst for past 12 years, mostly in Health Care, Child Protection and Telecommunications, strategic and operational planning. Kelly started using Tableau Public in 2010 and became immediately addicted. Before Tableau, Kelly was an analyst who didn't think she could face one more day of Excel spreadsheets. Tableau has re-invigorated her passion for her work and has made her a kick-*** user! Not bad for a grandma.