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    Removing Guest account.

    Mark ODonnell

      Hello all.  I am a "new" Tableau server admin (ver. 8.3.2).   I was recently a Site Admin and user.  I also have a background in Windows server administration.  We have a core license and I am working on a solution to add 75k domain users to Tableau as viewers.


      I am hoping some of you would be willing to share the scripts you have used to accomplish adding users.   I am interested in both batch and the REST API methods for adding users to server.


      What I am testing right now:

      I have a powershell script that creates the initial import files and starts the tabcmd createuser which loops through the import files.   Going forward it will query AD every 7 days and add the new ID's.   I have only tested this on a small scale and it's going to take quite a while to import all 75k users.


      If you have something similar I would love to see how you are doing it.  I will share my powershell script if anyone would like to see it.

      Also, I would love to test the REST API solution for adding users if anyone wants to share their code and experience.



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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi.  I will trade you your Powershell script for my combination of scripts that do this on a daily basis.  Essentially I compare the users that are already within Tableau with the list of all active users on AD, and then if they don't exist on Tableau, the script goes and adds them.

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            Mark ODonnell

            Jeffery, how many users are do you have in AD / Tableau?   I just did another test today and successfully imported 6000 users.  Full testing this weekend with all 75,000 users.

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              Jeff Strauss

              I have 1500 internal (active employee) users.

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                Mark ODonnell

                I will package up my script and post it for review by everyone after this weekend.

                Some things you can do with it by changing the parameters of the script.

                • Specify an OU to query, the OU I use contains only active user accounts.
                • Pick number of days to query based on user id creation date.
                • Define the properties to pull from AD
                • Defined columns for username, password, full name, license, admin, publisher, email
                • Specify the paths and file names for each input file.
                • There are different input files for adding users and adding users to group based on tableau requirements.
                • Specify an input file size for each consecutive run.  Keeps CPU usage low.
                • Specify the default group for users.
                • Specify tableau server
                • Add default and optional tabcmd parameters for createuser and adduser.


                I currently have this as a scheduled task.   Run time for 6000 users was 40 minutes and included 15 input files.

                If you have any questions let me know.

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                  Mark ODonnell

                  Here you go.   I'm still kinda new to this so if anyone has any recommendations for improving the script please let me know.  I hope someone find this useful.   Thanks.


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