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    Null coming in secondary filters only in data binding when two same data sources are used

    Bhushan Dindorkar


      My requirement is to compare the Line graph of one set of filters with other set of filter from the same data source.

      Dimensions used in both the sets are same

      Ex - CustomerID_1->OrderID_1->Region_1 Vs CustomerID_2->OrderID_2->Region_2



      So for this I have come up with the two solutions

      1) Duplicate the field used in Filter and create the graph (test1.twbx)- But in this approach every filter is applied to both the measures

      So is there any way to group the filter and apply it to only specific measure in the same sheet ?



      2) Second way is to duplicate the data source and use separate dimensions from each data source and create the graph(test2.twbx)-

      But in this approach for every filer used from secondary data source has extra Null value.

      I can remove this from filter but i want to know why its coming and how to remove this from filter drop down itself.

      I read about the data blending to get the solution for this and got to know id there is join and data is not available in 2nd table then we will get Null values,

      But here i have used the exactly same data source so all the values will match with the second one.



      I have attached the both examples i have created to explain this two scenario.

      Please help me to resolve this and understand the issue related to both.

      Thanks in Advance..