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    Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #3

    Russell Spangler

      The official signup page for our next event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cincinnati-tableau-user-group-event-3-tickets-16612588700


      Please signup to the Eventbrite page if you plan on attending the user group meeting.  Below is the event agenda and details about the event.  If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this post or contact me directly.  I will update this posting with parking instructions and more details over the upcoming weeks.

      5:20 Introduction
      5:30 Hands On Training

      • Data Joins and Data Transformations
      • Formatting/Styling
      • Text Format and Techniques
      • Advance Visuals (Graphics with Multiple Chart Combinations)
      • Sankey Diagrams and Slopegraphs
      • Dashboard Actions
      • Dashboard Building and Design

      6:30 Panel Discussion About Tableau

      • Adoption of Tableau
      • Using Tableau Server
      • Security Strategies
      • Tableau Server Tips
      • Data Refresh Strategies

      7:15 Closing Comments and Socialize    

      Agenda Details:

      For the first half of the event we will focus on intermediate and advance level tips, tricks, and training within Tableau.  If you like to follow along during the training portion of the event you should bring your laptop.  After the training portion of the event, we will invite multiple IT professionals from the area to join us up on the stage and we will have an open discussion panel about Tableau related topics.  Listed in the agenda are some ideas about topics, which are subject to change based on feedback from the user group, please contact me or post to the user group page if you have some specific topics you would like to talk about.  We will also be answering questions from the audience during the event.

      -- Original Post

      We are starting to plan Event #3 for the user group, I'll update this posting as we put together the details for the next event.  The current plan is to host the event on the main campus at University of Cincinnati at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business building on Wednesday May 6th (start time around 4:30-5:30pm).


      I would like to do a hands-on portion for the event, and possibly hold a happy/social hour afterwards at a local bar/restaurant.  We are open to ideas about topics to focus on for the hands on portion and possibly adding another presentation or idea for a part of the event.


      Next Event:

      Wednesday May 6th

      University of Cincinnati

      Carl H. Lindner College of Business

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          Eric Spaulding

          Thanks for keeping the momentum going with this user group! I will probably not be able to attend event #3, but had some ideas for possible topics:

          1. Repeatable and generally applicable approaches for rapidly profiling and understanding a previously undefined/unstructured dataset using Tableau
          2. Best ways to capture and keep metadata current within Tableau for the end-users to view and incorporate into their own ad-hoc analyses -- especially when it exists in table(s) external to but associated with the dataset, such as an audit dimension in a data warehouse
          3. How to get drilling across fact tables to work in a dimensional data model but without resorting to custom SQL (we have stumped our Tableau sales consultant with this one... curious if anyone else has figured out some good tricks)
          4. Explore/demo the new features and capabilities in Tableau 9
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            Russell Spangler

            If you want to ask a specific question feel free to make a posting to the user group page (or you can try out the general Tableau forums).


            1. In general I usually look at the data, and look at the values to try and build an understanding of the data (in SQL, I almost always use SELECT TOP XX to do this).  Tableau is great to quickly build visualizations without a lot of time spent, if you have data that follows a similar structure as other data, you can make a generic table structure and visualization and just swap in new data and produce some summary statistics using the generic pieces (row formatted data is more flexible than columns).

            2. I think you are asking about keeping data current basically, which is a difficult question, I like using a database to store all my data, that way all my tools can pull from one source.  I mostly use MSSQL, and I can setup ETL (load data) with SSIS  and Jobs to schedule processes (I can also code processes to pull data from websites), this allows me to grab data, update my tables/database and Tableau always points to the same source.  Tableau does have extract refreshes available in the server product.


            3. I'm not sure what you mean.


            4. Tableau is having a Cincinnati roadshow event on April 28th and it looks like they will do a demo on 9.0.  I don't know anymore details than that, but I'm going to try and attend the event.

            Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Tableau Customer Showcase - Cincinnati | Tableau Software

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              Eric Spaulding

              Thanks for these ideas, Russell, and for letting me know about the Tableau roadshow event at the Westin yesterday... I had a conflict but am excited to see Tableau 9 in action soon.


              I will explain more about all three of the topics I mentioned (rapid prototyping, metadata management, and drilling across facts) in a direct message to you. All three are key pieces for good data analytics solutions/workflows and have no "easy" answers in Tableau's user forums, so I am still interested in polling a broader audience or panel of experts for their perspectives on what works.

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                Russell Spangler

                Feel free to post on the Cincinnati user group page with a separate posting and maybe others will help respond to your questions.  I actually no longer participate in the larger user forums but I do actively watch the Cincinnati page to help local professionals.  I also would love to have others participate, as there are some really great individuals in the Cincinnati area.


                Just for reference my background is mostly technical and IT (Business Intelligence), and I specialize in data modeling/structures and SQL more so than data analytics, I also run our Tableau server and have been using data visualization software products for multiple years (4-5yrs in Tableau, 1-2yrs in Microstrategy, 3-4yrs in SSRS, Cognos, and I even did Crystal Reports).  So I'm fairly familiar with some of the general problems on the data side on trying to implement solutions (maybe I'll try and post a write-up to the user group page when I get some free time about best practices with data).  We also have some folks in the user group that specialize more on the analytics side and others that are more in the VP/executive position that can help with questions for those types of roles.

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                  Russell Spangler

                  For those who are unfamiliar with UC’s campus, the red circled area in the map is the building and closest parking garage for the event (Northeast side of campus).  The user group meeting will be in room #107, the easiest way to access the building is through the doors from the garage, there are also doors on the front and side of the building (sometimes the lesser used doors are locked, so you might have to walk around to another door if you can’t get in). 


                  I’m not sure if parking prices have changed because UC is now on the summer session, but expect $4-$8 for parking if you park in the garage.  You’ll receive a ticket when you enter from the machine, on your way out you’ll pay via cash or credit card as you exit, take care not to bend the ticket (I usually just leave the ticket in my car). 



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                    Scott Behler

                    Great job last night, guys! Can't wait for the next one.


                    The Iron Viz against the other Local Groups seems like it will be lots of fun. And I am sure we will win, with all the talent we have around here.




                    Also, from the discussion, here is some info about hiding underlying data:




                    How to hide the underlying data when sharing a workbook.


                    Tableau Desktop



                    Use one of the following workarounds:

                    • Publish the workbook to Tableau Server, and deny permission to view underlying data to relevant users. For more information, see Publishing to Tableau Server in Tableau Help.
                    • Hide unused fields, and then create an extract. Hidden fields are automatically excluded from the extract. For more information, see Hide or Unhide Fields and Extracting Data in Tableau Help.
                    • Use an aggregated extract. Aggregating data prevents users from seeing row-level data for aggregated fields. For more information, see Aggregated Extracts in the Tableau knowledge base.

                    Additional Information

                    • When using Tableau Reader, you cannot access the underlying data.
                    • To voice your support for the inclusion of this feature in a future product release, add your vote to the following Community Idea: Allow download of summary but not underlying data
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                      Russell Spangler

                      Thanks! I'll try and post the recap and info about the viz contest against the other user groups in the next few days.


                      Thanks for the links and notes, those are great followups to the reader discussion topic.  I actually did not know about the aggregated extracts.  I do see most companies move to the server product once they start sending out workbooks to individuals, especially if they need to automate the process.  It seems most companies start with a few desktop licenses, and once they see the power and usefulness of Tableau, the server product quickly follows along.