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    Navigation Shape (Back/Next)gets "selected" after using and requires double click to unselect and reuse. Any ideas how to prevent the element from getting selected?

    Phillip Domschke

      Hey Folks,


      I am working on a few dashboards that follow logical sequences.


      Current State:

      I implemented shapes with action filters on select as "Back" and "Next" buttons for the user to navigate up or down the process flow from dashboard to dashboard.



      The navigation elements actually get selected (duh, it's a select action), but remain selected when a user returns from another dashboard. Here is a typical user experience:


      1. Dashboard 1: Select Next
      2. User gets taken to Dashboard 2 after one click
      3. Dashboard 2: Select Back
      4. User gets taken to Dashboard 1 after one click
      5. Dashboard 1: Select Next
      6. User remains on Dashboard 1, one click just unselected Next
      7. Dashboard 1: Select Next
      8. User gets taken to Dashboard 2 after two clicks


      I think this is just a poor user experience when it is inconsistent that the same element with the same functionality sometimes requires one, other times requires two clicks.



      One workaround I have been trying out is replacing the select action with a hover action. This works a little better, but sometimes requires two "hovers" as well. It also is pretty unintuitive as one the typical user expects a click action. Further, I didn't even have a chance to test it on mobile devices - no idea how a hover is translated to touchscreens without something like a stylus.

      Literally the only benefit I found in this, is the fact that I got rid of the selection box around the element.



      Does anyone have any other suggestions? Possible a magic trick how to suppress the static selection after switching dashboards?