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    Multiple values for a single state ?





      I am new to Tableau, and am fixed in a tricky spot. So, I
      have to present visualization on map, where most of the states have only one
      product, however couple of states have more than one product applicable.


      Supposedly, NY has Product 1, and NJ has Product 2; however TX has Product 3
      and Product 4. When I try to show this information on map, NY and NJ will show
      the name of the Product (as they have one product per state); however TX will
      show * <asterisk>, which is understandable – given the multiple values
      for a single state.



      My question is; Is there a solution to this issue, or a
      different approach which you might have applied in a similar situation ( I am
      sure, I am not the first one to face this ordeal).








      P.S.: I try to search in the forum, but couldn’t get the results for this