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    Multiple date ranges

    Jonathan Squires



      I am trying to draw a line graph with three date ranges, all the same length but not all the same start date.


      I want to overlay the lines so it makes a good comparison, but have no idea  how to do this... Any thoughts.


      I want to show the totals for each day. In the date range

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          Bora Beran

          You can shift the dates to align them. Since there is no workbook I will make some guesses


          Assuming each line is a ProductCategory


          You can get the first data point in each ProductCategory by writing the following in 9.0 using a level of detail expression


          {fixed ProductCategory : MIN(Date)}


          You can get the overall minimum (for the entire table) by writing




          Now. Each category has to be shifted based on how far they are from the overall minimum which is


          {MIN(Date)} - {fixed ProductCategory : MIN(Date)}

          So your overall calculation would need to look like

          DATEADD('day', Date, {MIN(Date)} - {fixed ProductCategory : MIN(Date)})

          which shifts each row as many days as needed to align the first date of each product category.

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            Jonathan Squires

            thanks for this answer, but unfortunately I am still using 8.2 and am unable to upgrade at the present moment.


            Also I have picked out three different time periods for the same field i.e sales at Easter to be compared over three years.


            I have currently identified the time periods by adding parameters for the start and end date of all three periods then having three calculated fields current periods, Compare period 1 and Compare period 2 (using if statements to date select. )


            hopefully this adds a bit more detail to my original question