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    Publishing problem when Tableau server available outside of intranet

    Dharmendra Panchal

      Hi Experts,


      We have Tableau accessible outside of intranet. Below is out set up at high level.


      Firewal (443)>> External Load Balancer(LB) (443) >> Proxy Server(Apache - SSO enabled)(80) >> Internal LB (80)>> Tableau Server (SSO SAML auth) (80)


      We have SSL certs at external LB level and SSL off loading happnes at LB level. Till here request is https/443. After SSL offloading request will go to proxy server on http/80 and to Tableau server request runs on 80/http. I have mentioned ports in ().

      Both proxy and Tableau server are on same SSO server.


      While publshing workbook using Desktop we are facing issue where Desktop says request is getting interrupted. When we see Desktop log it says request is http not https.


      Any body has encoutered this issue? Any thoughts on this?



      An error occurred while trying to load the web page.

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