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    Dynamically charting status change based on dates

    Matthew Mead


      I have approx 3000 projects with dates below:-

      Start date

      Finalised date


      I want to create a calculated field that will count how many at what status at different points in time.

      I'm hoping to make the range/axis dynamic so you can "zoom in" to daily, i.e. 01/03/2015, 02/03/2015, 03/03/2015

      and zoom out monthly "01/01/2015, 01/02/2015, 01/03/2015, or even to quarterly  01/01/2015, 01/04/2015, 01/07/2015




      Start date 21/02/2015

      Finalised date 26/03/2015


      Status at 01/02/2015 "Not started"

      Status at 01/03/2015 "Commenced"

      Status at 01/04/2015 "Finalised"


      Any help or point to articles/modules is appreciated!