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    Error throwing while upgrading from Tableau 8.2 version to 8.3

    Kishore Babu

      Hi, I have followed the below procedure for upgrading my Tableau server version from 8.2 to 8.3.

      We have a 1 primary and 2-workers machines.


      primary server

      1. First Un-installed the earlier version 8.2, then installed new version 8.3

      2. Entire data migrated including the configuration settings without any issues. Successfully completed.


      Worker servers (2 workers)

      3. First I have stopped the tableau server (Primary server)

      4. Un-installed the older version 8.2 worker software from worker machines

          and installed the new tableau worker server 8.3 software

      5. Given IP address of the primary server and configured it in worker servers

      6. Finally I have started the primary server and it was thrown a error message

         Error Message:

                  Worker server needed to be updated & need tabsvc installed in the worker server


      Please help me..