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    Fill in gaps between dates?




      I am connecting to an internal SQL database of company-level data. It is a time series - there is always a "Price" for each date but the "Estimate" field is sparsely populated. I am trying to find a way to fill in the gaps of the Estimate data. For example, in the attached packaged workbook Company AAA is missing estimates for 1/3/2015 and 1/4/2015. I would like to force the values on those dates to be the last occurring value (in this case 1.52 from 1/2/2015). Once a new value is reached (on 1/5/2015), I would like this estimate value to be repeated until the next time a new value occurs (on 1/10/2015).


      I've tried using LOOKUP functions but have had no luck. I've attached a sample workbook. Would be immensely appreciative of any advice/tips.


      Thank you in advance!