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    Displaying verbatim comments for satisfaction survey

    David Rumley

      Does anyone have ideas on good way to display verbatim comments for satisfaction survey dashboard?

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          Helen Lindsay

          Hi David,

          We consider verbatim comments to be the gems of our surveys. So we do our best to make them accessible to our clients via our Tableau dashboards


          We don't use anything gimmicky like word clouds. We simply provide the comments with a set of filters so that users can create segments and filter down to a meaningful sub-set. In our case, they can segment by visitor role, visit reason, satisfaction, month. So if the respondent has described themselves as a consumer looking for specific product information and fails, then we can see what went wrong and what they disliked. A great feature of Tableau is that we/clients can download the verbatim comments for a defined segment. This makes it easy to get comments translated and/or incorporate them in reports.


          Your question has prompted me to play with Groups. It has a good search function. So it's possible to find and group comments by topics. See attached screen grab. Categorisation is labour intensive but maybe an alternative to the completely manual categorisation than I've done in Excel in the past.




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            Hope Stiles

            How do you handle it when some verbatims are quite short and others are very lengthy?


            Do you go through the comments and determine what the most common words used are?

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              Helen Lindsay

              Hi Hope,

              I'm sorry I have only just seen your question. I must check my notification settings...


              We get a lot of variation in comment length but don't treat them differently. 


              Yes, I do some grouping on common words. For example, I group all comments that contain "survey" and show a count. In the client dashboard, I show the survey comments aggregated so as not to distract from more actionable comments.


              However, I don't hide that fact that respondents comment (positively as well as negatively) about the survey. I always make it possible to see the full text.

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Personally I'd do it with a tooltip, something like this:

                That's a word count of 198, and a character count of 1,109. Which is larger than the supposed character limit of 1,024. This way you get the first bit of the comment and can then decide if you want to read on, but the row/column size is the same for all the survey's.


                And no I have no idea what the new limit is.





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