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    CountD in Python script to create TDE

    Kristy McGee

      We have a SSAS tabular cube that we have created a SSIS package that creates a python script and tde.  It has been working very well, but now someone has made a change that causes duplicate rows of information to account for curriculum status (as opposed to course/class status)


      The twbx that we have has 10 or so calculations that now need to be changed to a countd(GUID)


      It's taking a very long time to load is unacceptable to put into Production. 


      Shame, it is a beautiful dynamic report with 4 dashboards that change on one tab via a parameter. 


      Each of those dashboards have their own copy of the datasource with the applicable formulas only.  The main data source has 4 million+ records to date. 


      I have copied it and extracted, hiding unused columns for each dashboard.  Should I publish these up to the server and replace the tde's with the published versions?


      Is there a way to flag the distinct guids in the python script before the tde is created?