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    Sharing Tableau License

    Rahul Sachdeva

      Hi All

      I want to use Tableau Online License with multiple users  who would actually share the same username and password to access the tableau online site.

      1. Is it technically feasible for multiple users to access tableau site at the same time using the same username and password?

      2.  Is it legal to share the credentials among my internal users?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          hi Rahul,


          Yes. multiple users to access tableau site at the same time.

          This is not legal but if you provide the admin id then some one wrongly deleted anything then what you do. create one readonly user and give to all users.


          They ll not delete.




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            Matt Lutton

            It is technically possible, but you'd be breaking the rules of your agreement if you do so.


            Read the Tableau Online Agreement:




            Took me a few seconds to find this via Google search:


            1.4. Permitted Users. Use of and access to Tableau Online is permitted only by the number of users specified in the applicable Ordering Document (“Permitted Users”). The Permitted Users will receive user IDs and passwords to access Tableau Online. These credentials are granted to individual, named persons and may not be shared. Customer will ensure that all Permitted Users keep these credentials strictly confidential.

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              desktop license can be shared with max 3 concurrent users.

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                Mark Wu

                I do not think that this statement about sharing Desktop license is correct.

                • One Desktop license is for single user
                • A Desktop user can install Tableau Desktop at two devices (like one Mac and one Windows PC).
                • After you installed the Desktop, you can activate it by using the same Desktop license key at both of your devices by provide same name and email.
                • You are not supposed to install the same Desktop license key in your 3rd device
                • Two users are not supposed to share the same Desktop license key unless the previous person left the company or decided not to use the Desktop anymore
                • The correct process to transfer a Desktop from user A to user B is that user A  needs to deactivate the license, uninstall Tableau Desktop, then user B install Desktop, activate the key. Details @ Move or Deactivate Tableau Desktop
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