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    Dynamically change the title of sheet

    venkat pondugula



      I have the issue with title changing it Dynamically.


      I have the salaries 100 to 2000. I have selected salaries 500 to 2000 as filter. then the title should display: salary is greater than 500.

      if I selected salaries 300 to 2000 as filter, then it should display salary is greater than 300. based on the minimum salary selection it should change the sheet title.


      Please help me to do this. Please find the attached example sheet.




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          double click on the title of the sheet and select insert from the right hand side and select your salary column, so it will show the value according to filter selection, i hope its the solution you are looking for.

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            venkat pondugula

            Sorry, I will not work. Because when we do the same. it will give the 500 to 2000. But I want only 500.

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              venkat pondugula



              Could you please help me some one.




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                Tableau kumar

                Create a calculated field according to your requirement, then place that column in the sheet titles., before that place that calculated field on the Detail shelf.



                I am helping you by providing the Alteranative approach.

                1) You have create a Calculation as per your Requirement. (Report 2)

                2) Place it in the Report Text marks.

                3) Create your actual report. (Report 1)

                3) Place two Reports in the Dashboard.


                Right now i am at Office desk, so i can't post workbooks from Office PC. But the the following approach is similar to your situation & will help you,


                How to change Column Labels as per Parameter Selection


                The Following steps will illustrates "How to change Column Labels as per Parameter Selection."


                Generally, When we create a Calculation using Parameter to show the Dimensions Dynamically, Calculation Name will show in the Columns Labels. So We can achieve it by creating 2 Reports adding them in the Dashboard.


                1) create 1 report with all required Dimensions (Parameter) & Measures.
                2) Create another report with that Parameter to get the titles.
                3) Remove Labels in both reports like below shot by right clicking at Column header in the Work area.
                4) Add those 2 reports in the Dashboard.
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                  venkat pondugula

                  Thanks for your quick response. It will work for Dimensions. But, I want to show measure values based on the salary selection.


                  Please see my examples report and help me to build that.




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                    Matt Lutton

                    This will be very easy to accomplish in Version 9.0 with LOD calcs, since we can write a simple calculation to obtain the minimum SUM(Salary) value at whatever level of detail we want.


                    In 8.2, I create a Table Calculation WINDOW_MIN(SUM(Salary)) to obtain the minimum value in the worksheet/view.  Computed across all dimensions (place all dimensions in the 'Addressing' side of the Advanced Table Calc settings), this will return your 500 value.  I've placed the calculation on the Detail shelf so it does not interfere with the View, but can be used in your worksheet title.


                    I believe the Settings on the Table Calc could be simplified even further, but this was a quick attempt to get your results so I didn't spend time optimizing your worksheet.


                    See attached 8.2 TWBX for an example and let me know if you have any questions.



                    One thing to note is this will use the Salary values in the view -- not the Filter values.  Meaning, if you set the lower boundary of the filter to something like "599", the title will show a rounded value.  This makes perfect since, because your data set does not include the values in between each salary value, so Tableau only has access to the values in your dataset.  I'm not sure if there's a workaround for that.