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    Jeff Strauss

      Has anybody leveraged Drupal for building of a custom portal page?  I am being challenged to find an existing CMS solution that "facilitates" the build as opposed to writing API calls within .Net


      Any perspectives are welcome!!!



      Tableau | Drupal.org

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          Robin Cottiss

          Hi Jeffery,


          I would suggest posting this question in the developer community (The specified item was not found.) in addition to here.


          I assume you are looking for integration beyond simple embedding so the fact that most of tableau.com is Drupal based may not be a significant factor. But given that any integration beyond simple embedding would mostly involve the Javascript API (and maybe the REST API) I cannot see why Drupal could not support a custom portal page. My background is more with Joomla but I know that Drupal is very extensible and it's a super CMS.



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            Jeff Strauss

            Thanks, to be candid, while I know what CMS stands for, I don't really know the usecase / benefits as to when to leverage it vs. my original idea of a .Net app that calls the Javascript and Rest API's.  I will go post on the dev community.


            The CMS question came out of left field...

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              anson parker

              Hi Jeffrey - I'm using Tableau | Drupal.org to get the visualization in to drupal.... it's probably worth it if you need to do heavy branding, or want to have other stuff going on in the same page as the visualizations... that said it's not a very complete bridge, and a lot of the visualizations are in iFrames.. still I'm fairly pleased and working on Media: Tableau | Drupal.org to make the user experience better

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                Nate Erskine



                I have downloaded the tableau drupal module, but i'm having difficulty with the php/tableau settings. Any help with these fields would be much appreciated