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    Sending the wrong version of a report via tabcmd

    Jeremy Brown

      I am using a scheduled batch file to send emails (using BLAT) of a daily report from tabcmd. Tabcmd is running on both Tableau Server and on my local machine and normally run this file from the latter. Over the weekend, this failed because I was playing with Tableau 9 and completely forgot about reinstalling tabcmd.


      So I decide to move this batch file to Tableau Server's machine. After a few minor adjustments I ran the program. What I get as a result was a surprise. The report I successfully extracted a .csv and .pdf of was dated in January rather than March! I returned and reran this same batch file (again with appropriate adjustments) to my local machine and successfully got today's report.


      How did tabcmd grab the wrong timeframe? The adjustments I made to the file were simply the location of tabcmd; everything else was mirrored between my local and server machines.