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    average time between orders


      Hi Guys,


      i'm trying to calculate the average time between orders (overall) out of an online-shop database.

      My data looks something like this:


      User IDOrder IDArtikel IDOrder Date
      U1O1A102.03.2014 12:00:00
      U1O1A102.03.2014 12:00:00
      U1O1A202.03.2014 12:00:00
      U2O2A304.03.2014 12:00:00
      U2O2A404.03.2014 12:00:00
      U1O3A201.05.2014 12:00:00
      U2O4A120.09.2014 12:00:00


      So do i have to calculate the average time between one users orders and then calculate the overall average time between orders?!

      Would be great, if you could help me figure it out!


      Many thanks