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    Tableau Desktop silent installation - user information screen

    Dimitris Triantopoulos

      Greetings all,


      I have been tasked to prepare the electronic software distribution package for Tableau Desktop (8.3).

      The software will be deployed to 10k workstations, and we need to have a completely silent installation.  I have been browsing around the forum and I found the following two helpful KB articles:




      With the methods of the above two articles I have made the silent installation and I will be adding a script to automate the license activation. Also, I will be prepopulating the user information (name, last name, company, etc) into the registry--with the script, again.


      However, even though I have prepopulated the user info, I still get the window that asks the user to accept/register the user information. The screen has all the data in it, and the user just needs to click on the "Register"  button.

      Is there a way not to have this screen pop-up?

      Image 003.jpg


      Thank you for any help,


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