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    Seeking tutor

    Elizabeth Frank

      Hello, I am in a data visualization class in grad school and am floundering.  I learn better when someone sits next to me and watches me and tells me in real time what I'm doing wrong.


      Anyone up for tutoring?  I will pay.


      Please contact me at elizafrank@msn.com

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          Cristian Vasile

          Buy a couple of good books, read them twice, help others on forum and that's all.




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            Elizabeth Frank

            No, if I learned from books and videos I would not be seeking a tutor.  I would like a carbon based life form sitting next to me answering my questions as they come up, in real time.
















            Elizabeth Frank



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              Noah Salvaterra

              I'd recommend working with someone else from the class, or approaching someone who took the class in a previous semester and did well.


              Is it the general theory of data viz you are struggling with, or is it Tableau? If it is Tableau, and your budget is unlimited, you could always hire a consultant. That would likely run you at least a couple hundred dollars an hour though, so wouldn't be a very good value if they were just sitting silently beside you most of the time. Plus, there are a lot of Tableau consultants who don't have a very good basis in data visualization, so even then you might be in trouble.

              Seriously though, talk to the professor, tell them you're struggling and see if they can point you to any resources for help. You might be surprised.


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                Bruce Segal



                I'm a recovering lawyer so I might have some familiarity of life at your standard mega firm, and might be able to draw illustrations from the legal world. I'm also a photographer, with a little film background, so I might draw connections from those disciplines to what you need.


                From looking at your profile on linked in, it also looks like we share 2 connections from the world of legal marketing.


                I might be able to help you point you in the right direction. Shoot me a message here or via linked in (you should see that I viewed your profile. and that will show you our common connex), and let's take a few minutes so I can see if I can help you.


                To Noah's point, I'd like to get a handle on if you feel you need help on data viz, Tableau, data preparation, or something else? They're slightly different skill sets.



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                  Adam Ware

                  FYI-- I gave Elizabeth some brief training; and others have reached out to her and been referred to me, so I'm making this post in case anyone is interested in tutoring / training-- I usually have a spare hour or two (which is all a focused question / urgent need may take) on evening or afternoon mid-week.


                  Credentials--in addition to my corporate experience and consulting work with Tableau over the past 6+ years, I teach a course on data visualization for NYU.


                  Feel free to reach out over linkedin (either inmail or connect with a note mentioning training and including your contact information)


                  or reply to this post with your email




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                    Brian Gibbs

                    Hello Adam,


                    I am a Grad Student at University of Texas Health Science Center Biomedical Informatics Houston.  I am struggling with my Visualization course (Tableau).  I am looking for a tutor with Tableau.  Are you still tutoring?  How much do you charge?  Appreciate your time.


                    Brian Gibbs

                    806-676-7115 (cell)

                    brian.k.gibbs@uth.tmc.edu (school)

                    bkgibbs003@gmail.com (personal)

                    Post Grad Certificate Student

                    UTHSC SBMI Houston

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                      Adam Ware

                      Thank you for reaching out Brian,

                      I replied to your email--let me know if it didn't come through...



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                        Tolu Fajemirokun

                        Hello Adam! I tried contacting you via LinkedIn. I really need some training especially in terms of calculated filter ,filter and parameters. Can you please reach me on tolufaj@gmail.com. I live in New York.