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    Business Intelligence Project Manager - Cleveland, Ohio

    Paul Rolland

      Business Intelligence Project Manager

      Location  Cleveland, OH (Relo Available)

      Job Type Full-Time Regular

      Job Description

      Our client is an innovative pharmacy services company.  They have been growing at a rapid pace and are looking to add a number of key positions in the BI and Analytics area.


      One of the key positions is a Business Intelligence Project Manager.


      Reporting to the VP of IT, the BI Project Manager is responsible for developing the project plan, coordinating and communicating project status for Enterprise wide implementation within the IT functions of the company.  This position will be responsible for working with multiple departments to plan out all phases for the Business Intelligence project.


      Responsibilities include:

      Provide guidance to client and contractor resources personnel in support of a BI project;


      Define and document the objectives for the project; determine budgetary requirements; the composition, roles and responsibilities, and terms of reference for the project team(s);


      Develop and maintain project plans, including Work Breakdown Structures, timelines, resource plans, training plans and any other project related plans;


      Provide options analysis, expert advice and recommendations to support effective Departmental decision making;


      Define and communicate strategies regarding client information delivery;


      Obtain client approval for proposed strategies and projects;


      Market BI solutions internally to Departmental client groups;


      Provide and/or oversee deliverable quality assurance, prior to delivery to the client;


      Ensure project close-out and wrap-up activities are performed and documented according to generally acceptable project Standards;


      Ensure optimum resource allocation for project completion.



      The Project Manager shall possess a minimum of seven years project management related experience, of which at least five (5) are in the field of Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing.


      Understanding of current BI market and product offerings in this space.


      Experience with Tableau Implementation a plus.


      Preferred background in Computer Science, Insurance industry or PBM industry.


      Ability to adjust to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities


      Ability to read communication styles of team members and contractors who come from a broad spectrum of disciplines


      Strong interpersonal and communication skills

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