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    Filter overpowering the join when connecting live

    Raja San

      Hi Friends,



      I have come across an issue with the filter.

      I have a Table and View joined(Inner Join) with an ID to create the data source.

      In that data source I have a dimension called Name and when I bring that Name to the Rows shelf it shows 81 Names listed.

      And when I make that same dimension(Name) as Filter it shows all the values that are present in the View irrespective of the Join on ID.

      The filter shows all the 2000 Names which are in that view overpowering the join I've used to create the data source.

      And this happens only when I am connecting live and I am connecting to Redshift Server.

      It works fine when I am using the extract with the same join(Inner Join) on Id.  It shows 81 Names on the worksheet and 81 names in the filter which is working according to the join used.

      I don't understand why it is behaving weird when connecting live bringing all the values from the View leaving the Join aside.

      Help me understand what exactly is happening.

      And yeah, when I bring the ID's to the rows shelf, it shows 81 ID's on the worksheet and also 81 in the filter when connecting live and

      also when using the extract. It happens only with the other attributes.