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    Unexpected Error on Tableau Server - Relational Database

    Rishabh Dhingra



      I am getting an Unexpected Error on Tableau Server when I try accessing the views of my workbook. Please find below the snapshot of the error:-




      My workbook is connected to SQL Server 2008 R2 relational database and it works perfectly fine on Tableau Desktop. However, I am facing this strange behavior on Tableau Server. It sometimes work and it sometimes throws this error, also I have noticed that in some cases if I log out and log back in and then try accessing the same workbook (but a different view), then also it works fine.


      There is no issue with the views that I can think of as I am able to run it sometimes, although one in many. Has anyone faced this issue before? Below is my Tableau Server version;-



      This is really urgent, so I would if someone can help me on this.