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    Open Up jQuery Dialog, JavaScript Popup or Refresh a Container

    Janusz Jasinski



      I'm more of a web developer than anything to do with Tableau so please stay with me whilst I try and explain what we are after.


      We have a tooltip which shows a link. That link has several parameters attached to it. This, by default, opens up a new window which then uses the parameters to query a MS SQL DB and show some results (currently using ASP)


      Now - a new page isn't ideal for obvious reasons. So here are my questions


      1. Is there anyway we can have a container/area within the report which performs the action of this new window i.e. when the link within the popup is clicked, it passes parameters to the container which then displays the data as necessary
      2. Is it possible not for a new window to open, but for a jQuery dialog box to open
      3. How about a bog standard JavaScript popup?
      4. Lastly - could the tooltip contain the data?


      Thanks in advance